August 8th, 2022

Anti-hate booklet for school children tells us the new haters include supporters of Conservative Party and Donald Trump

Thomas More —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone far beyond attacks on democracy and fundamental rights with a recent government sponsored anti-hate booklet for school children, argues Real Women of Canada president Pauline Guzik.

Titled “Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools,” Minister of Diversity, Ahmed Hussen, insists that it is for school children and that it represents “core values” of Canadians.”

The booklet includes the following:

·      The Red Ensign Flag (Canada’s “official” flag from 1868 until 1965) is offensive because “its usage denotes a desire to return to Canada’s demographics before 1967, when it was predominantly white”

·      Twice identifies the Conservative Party by name, as a group whose members include bigots and “groypers”. The latter is defined as “a loose collection of young, white nationalists”, who infiltrate the mainstream Conservative parties

·      Instructs school children to challenge fellow students who speak in favour of problematic “public office holders” such as former U.S. President Donald Trump

·      Instructs children to be alert to classmates who invoke, “a free speech issue” in political discussions, as this is a common defense of hate propagandists.

“What is particularly alarming is that Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools makes no mention of obvious signs of hate such as: the Nazi Swastika, or the Communist Hammer and Sickle or China’s Red Star,” Guzik said. “Failing to mention these obvious symbols of hate should not come as a surprise since the booklet shows complete ignorance that the Red Ensign was the flag Canadians fought and died under to rid the world of the fascist surge that was Nazi Germany during the Second World War.”

The booklet was written on behalf of the Department of Canadian Heritage by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), which works with the controversial, left-wing U.S. Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC is notorious for receiving millions of dollars annually (only to be salted away in offshore investments), for calling out any group as a “hate group” if it opposes the LGBTQ and progressive agendas, Guzik said.

The CAHN network has received taxpayer funding: $268,400 grant from Canadian Heritage to fund this booklet; and earlier received an identical $268,400 federal grant to further its “inclusive work” to operate its website.

Bernie Farber, chair of CAHN, claims that the booklet serves as a toolkit to spearhead a campaign to “educate” young people. Clearly, Farber’s view of “education” aligns more with indoctrination and political propaganda of the left than education.

The indoctrination program contained in Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools, is nothing more than an attempt to render children as mere tools in carrying out a profoundly undemocratic assault on any dissent to Trudeau’s woke agenda, Guzik argues. “Trudeau and his enablers have become desperate in their desire to achieve control of the Canadian democratic system by this scandalous attempt to indoctrinate children to support their bigotry, intolerance, and political agenda.”

REAL Women of Canada is a non-partisan, non-denominational organization, incorporated in 1983.