July 4th, 2022

When your government makes you this angry, it’s probably because it’s socialist, inept or both

By Thomas More —

Why didn’t Prime Minister Trudeau come out of hiding back in February, throw a bbq bash on Parliament Hill, and announce an end – even in the near future — to the vaccine mandates? He could have held up his Louisiana-sauce-dripped racked rib and posed for selfies and won the hearts of thousands of Canadians. He would have looked the peacemaker, a man of magnanimity, willing to step down from his lofty perch to mingle with the peeps and agree to solve differences. People would have thought that the man really does have a heart, that he is not consumed with vanity, and he would now be looking at a real chance of winning another election. But no, he did what we have come to expect. He dug in his heels until his base got stuck for hours in passport offices and in long lines at airports and now 70 per cent of the population wants him to go away.

It is not a stretch to conclude that this is the most ill-equipped governments in Canada in two generations. Okay, the most ill-equipped in Canadian history. It is certainly the most expensive. The Liberal government has spent more than every other government in the history of the country combined and when you look around, one wonders, where did all of that money go?  Every government service, from hospitals to airports has gotten worse. Sometimes our money just disappears. For example, the federal government spent $237 million on a sole-sourced contract to buy 10,000 ventilators from a Guelph-based company. More than 9,000 ventilators went immediately into storage and no one seems to now know where they are. The company was owned by a former Quebec Liberal MP.

Remember the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy? It paid $145.9 million in subsidies to 750 debt-ridden  bankrupt companies, including 352 that owed back taxes.  Then there’s the prime minister’s own self-indulgence. He spent $735,000 of our money to renovate the kitchen at his cottage. The total cottage renovation, that included a back-up cottage, was $11 million.

The federal government even spent money on a foreign billionaire. Russian steel company, Evraz, with operations in Western Canada, has received $80 million in subsidies since 2018. Its majority shareholder is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who is the 11th richest tycoon in Russia, according to Forbes magazine.

These are just the first four recent examples I found. I was not looking hard. Our government manages to find other ways to screw the average Canadian. It gave us the carbon tax and has guaranteed high inflation by printing money and throwing it around. The country would have been better off had the government done nothing and sat on its hands. Everything it touches seems to be just another grab for power, another step away from the hard facts of reality, while we surrender a little more from our wallets or a little more of our freedoms.

The federal government’s socialist policies become more clear by the day. In just one week last month, the Liberals pushed a bill that would give it power over the news on the internet. The attorney general said that “you” don’t have an absolute right to private property. The prime minister said Canadians have no right to own guns to protect ourselves and the inquiry into the Emergencies Act revealed that there was no evidence to invoke it. It is the most dangerous, power-grabbing jolt to the country, giving police the right to hit people with sticks and shoot them with rubber balls and the only plausible motive we can discern is that it was highly effective at getting rid of people they disagree with.  

It was no surprise to also hear from Whitby Liberal backbencher Ryan Turnbull tell us serfs how things are going to be.  “To protect our planet and to build a stronger economy we must do even more on climate action,” Turnbull told the House of Commons. Translation: We’re subsidizing more of our friends so tighten your belts.

Added Turnbull: “We are going to have to shift our lifestyles and that is going to be painful at times.”

Shift our lifestyles? What is talking about? What are they coming after next? Our gas-powered vehicles? More or our money? Our properties? Their ideology has already come after our kids. And what does he mean by painful at times? Where has he been for the past two years?

This is the problem with socialists. It is always everyone else who has to do the shifting so that things can improve and when they don’t improve we, the peeps, have to do more shifting.